Curriculum and Teaching Pedagogy

The prime focus of Marybert School is to provide a global standard of education integrated with Nepali cultural values and studies. Therefore, Nepali national curriculum is always of utmost priority. Marybert School conducts continual teachers’ that the entire curriculum requirement of each class is met as per our national curriculum direction.

Fulfilling the national curriculum is not the end but the beginning of learning exploration at Marybert. The national curriculum is used as a tool to impart a thorough upon the students. With this strong and secure base to explore the greater world beyond their immediate environment hence introducing to the global curriculum. The classroom activities are not confined into a single textbook rather it is based on a comparative study of all the leading school curriculum around the world. The innovative learning methods adopted from international curriculum help our students to develop citizen of tomorrow.

Marybert School believes that children learn most through experience and that learning by doing contributes to knowledge that is lifelong. The instructional program focuses on both theme-based and project based, child-centered education approach. Students engage in a number of activities all centered around one topic, theme, or project and in the course of its implementation, they learn how everything inter-relates. This tends to be a very meaningful experience for students because it gives a real context to what they are learning.

The curriculum encompasses subject areas like:

1. English language arts

2. Mathematics

3. Science

4. Social Studies

5. Nepali language arts

6. Computer Science : special focus on practical

Curriculum Supportive Areas:

1. Life skills for Effective Living (LEL)

2. Book Review

3. Trip Review

4. Look, Cover, Write & Check (LCWC)

5. Third Language Study

6. Extra English Class (EEC)

Curriculum and Teaching Pedagogy
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