Dear Students and Families, we heartly welcome to our school.

Marybert School was founded in 2002 A.D (2059 B.S.) with a motto of dispensing a quality education. We will be very greatful that you will be a part of our school community. This school year will be filled with many exciting opportunities for learning.

The school was established on demand of the parents to extend the good school culture that we have been trying our best to deliver  and to fulfill the demand of quality elementary as well as high school in the capital. The school is committed in preparing Nepal's global citizens of tomorrow.With more than decade of contribution in education, we have entered into a new area of elementary and high school specialization.

Marybert School complex is situated in a peaceful, still, tranquil and population free area link with motorable pitch road just 10 minutes outskirts from Satobato. The way to the school passes through in between the shooting complex (Swimming complex) and ANFA football ground.

This year the classrooms are well-designed and furnished  to facilitate a world-class teaching pedagogy, with internet facilities and teacher's tablets provided in all the classrooms for a research based education. Each classroom is divided into writing, reading/ meeting area, and learning centers to cater the different learning needs of the children. Safety and security is given high priority, which is ensured through an earthquake resistant building.

Starting with Kindergarten in 2002, the school has the provision of high school education upgrading a grade every year. A school is like a home; It takes time to nurture and create a conducive environment for real learning and development. The task is more challenging for creating completely new and still up to the global standard educational system of school. We take our responsibility to cater our future generation taking one firm step at a time, as there could be no trail and error in our approach when it comes to our children's future. Finally, our program would not be successful without the support of our families. We are very fortunate at Marybert to have active parent participation and assistance. It is this collaboration between administration, teachers, students, and parents that makes Marybert a very special place.

Education Goals
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