Education Goals

Marybert School is a caring learning community where all members are valued as individuals and supported in their personal growth and development. Our goal is to help to make our students global citizens. Our educational approarch is to create international, nevertheless our core value is based on local cultural significance to help our children to be socially responsible and capable citizen and honest future leaders. In order to accomplish this, we are committed to ensure that we:

  1. Develop a global curriculum that ensures that the knowledge imparted upon our children is compatible globally.
  2. Provide quality instruction that effectively meets the needs of diverse learners and reflects current knowledge of the best teaching, learning, and assessment practices.
  3. Students begin their journey as, creative thinkers, problem solvers, and as lifelong learners who seek and achieve personal success and academic excellence.
  4. Engage all students, families, and staff members in the educational process.
  5. Home and school work as partners to develop physically, mentally, and morally sound students and prepare them to become responsible global citizens.
  6. Maintain a school community where students learn and practice honesty in relationships, responsibility for actions and respect for the rights of others.
  7. Ensure a safe, caring and supportive school environment where respect, responsibility, kindness, and honesty are consistently valued and practiced.
  8. As professionals, will foster ongoing growth through participation in quality professional development, reflection, positive risk taking, and professional goal setting.
  9. Maintain a community where diversity is welcome and each person’s strengths are celebrated.
  10. Incorporate understanding of global needs and participate in community services.
  11. Encourage the students to take a global perspective, and see the world as a whole, where they are a part of it.
Education Goals
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